Welcome to my website. 🙂 I studied Italian Literature and Language in Amsterdam, Rome and London. I fluently speak Dutch, English, Italian, German and Spanish and can also speak some Polish, French and Swedish. Currently learning Japanese but I might have to watch another 10.000 hours of anime before I’m finally fluent. 😉 I professionally work as a translator, editor and copywriter and I’m passionate about travelling, cycling, motorbiking, languages, snooker and making sugar-free cakes, although I sometimes find myself spending way more time on Tiktok than on those other things. 😂

I am also a webmaster at No Sugar, No Cry, a blog with sugar-free recipes. If you can read Dutch, you can check out some of my poetry as well. Or check it out if you don’t speak Dutch and find out what it sounds like when you harmonically clear your throat. 😆